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New York Liquor Licensing & Violations

At Zhuravel Law, P.C., we provide expertise in Liquor Licensing and Alcoholic Beverage Control Law to restaurants, nightclubs and bars throughout New York State, including, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Obtaining a liquor license in New York is a complicated and increasingly difficult process. Whether you require a new liquor license or wish to transfer an existing liquor license to your new company, Zhuravel Law, P.C., is here to assist you to successfully apply for, and obtain a liquor license in New York by:

  • Advising as to the different categories of liquor licenses
  • Explaining the regulations involved and the requirements that must be met, including necessary distances from schools, houses of worship, and similarly licensed premises
  • Preparing and filing all documents and publication notices necessary for the application
  • Locating and notifying the appropriate Community Board and attending the community board hearing
  • Preparing all the necessary forms, affidavits, sketches and letter
  • Submitting documents for the required liquor bond
  • Filing all the documents with the New York State Liquor Authority
  • Representation at the New York State Liquor Authority’s 500 Foot Hearing, if required

There are many steps involved in obtaining or transferring a liquor license in New York, Zhuravel Law is here to guide you through the entire process and appear at regulatory hearings on your behalf whenever necessary.  In addition, Zhuravel Law, P.C. provides assistance in obtaining other licenses, such as sidewalk Café Licenses, Food Service Licenses and Cabaret Licenses.

Zhuravel Law can make the process of obtaining a liquor license even easier by utilizing New York State’s new Self Certification Program available to attorneys.  This program can greatly reduce the application time and allow successful obtainment of a liquor license within weeks.